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As I read Revelation 5 and the Notes (970106), item #2 on page 98 really struck me: "The right hand of God is the hand of judgment and salvation, which are always two-sides of the same saving coin."

Jesus is the only one worthy to open the scroll and be at the right hand of God - the hand of both judgment (lion) and salvation (lamb - sacrificial). And although God is all powerful, His perfect plan was and is to have Jesus (fully man - lamb and fully God - lion) be the only one that could open the scroll.

While there are various 'conjectures' as to what is inside the scroll, the key point of focus is on "WHO" can open the scroll and not "WHAT" is inside the scroll. Jesus is the WHO that provides us the WHAT - salvation comes only through Jesus and His death on the cross overcomes the judgment to which we are all condemned. WOW - what a powerful message and clear path to eternal life - it's all about Jesus, the only one who can come to the right hand (that both judges and saves) of God!! Amen and Amen.


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