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Jane Smith

Jim Larson

With Care From Someone - Jane Smith

Lyrics and music by Gene Clark, Doug Dillard & Bernie Leadon © 1968 all rights reserved   

Nowhere Man - Jim Larson 2008

Lyrics and music by written by John Lennon (credited to Lennon-McCartney) © 1965 all rights reserved   

Samson and Delila - The Vikings
The Cruel War - The Vikings
Autum to May - The Vikings

Bob Hughes, Dave Smith, Tom Larson Traditional American Folk Songs

Gary Hastings 2018 ~ The Last Thing on My Mind by Tom Paxton

Click below for more on Steve Blechschmidt's (a founding member of As You Go) continuing journey.

Chilly Winds - Tom Larson

Tom Larson

Lyrics and music  by John Stewart and John Phillips © 1962 all rights reserved   

Jim Bender, Gary Hastings, Rick Larson

Colorado Trail - The Steins

Traditional collected by Carl Sandburg & Lee Hayes in 1927 ~ The Steins Version - 1962

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